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How To Find The Best Bomber Jacket For A Brawn Man

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean your style has to go into hibernation. Even if you’re a sweatpants-and-tees kind of guy like myself, you can still keep your everyday looks on point with a simple bomber jacket. Friday nights out with friends usually mean putting on something a little more stylish, after all. Those of us brawn and husky guys can still have fun in the wardrobe department—which is why I love the look of bomber jackets for winter.


Originally created for pilots and flight crews (and so sometimes referred to as a “flight jacket”), bomber jackets were originally made from durable leather. Today, these military-style flight jackets have become a real fashion statement for all kinds of guys. GQ Magazine has even said that they “make you look instantly more handsome.” I’ll take that, I don’t know about you!

Bomber jackets traditionally include two front pockets, and are sometimes lined with fur or faux-fur for added warmth. According to EBAY description, some modern nylon bomber jackets are reversible, making them an even more flexible addition to any brawn man’s closet.


It’s winter, and for most of us, that means one thing: we want to stay warm. Even if you’re spending very minimal time outdoors, you want to find outerwear that actually keeps you warm. This isn’t really the season for “jackets”, so it’s important to find a style made of thick enough fabric to keep you warm. As a husky man or brawn man, you’ll want to be on the lookout for too-thick materials that can add bulk to your frame. We’re not ashamed of our extra pounds, of course, but we want to find options to are flattering for us.


One thing I love about this bomber jacket I found at Banana Republic, not only does it fit perfectly but the faux fur piece around the next is removable, so it goes from being a cool Italian bomber to the chic black jacket that you can wear dressed down or dressed up!  Perfect for going from the office to after-hours in a cinch.


While bomber jackets are the new 'IN' thing at the moment regarding mens jackets there are some things to note. Bomber jackets are traditionally designed to be short (right at the waist usually) so being a 6"4 guy, bomber jackets aren't always practical. However, even brawn men can find a style that suits us. Shop around and be sure to try the jacket on the way you would really wear it. Reach up and around to be sure the sleeves aren’t too short, and the hem hits you at or below your waist.

Happy Hunting,

My Sizes For This Look:

Pant: 42W 32L (7 for Mankind, Austyn)

Jacket: XXL (Banana Republic)

Shirt: XXL (Jockey, Vneck)

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